Read To Unlock

Berättarministeriet (Ministry of Tales) is a non-profit foundation that runs reading and writing centers for children in socially disadvantaged areas in Sweden. Because of distractions such as smartphones and tablets, children spend more time in front of screens and less on reading than ever. As a consequence, an increasing number of children in Sweden have trouble with their reading and writing skills, and more than 50% of Swedish parents say they argue with their children about screen time.


Berättarministeriet wanted to raise awareness around the issue and use technology in a more productive way. To make a habit into a reading session every day, we developed Read to Unlock – an app that locks the tablet it’s installed on. To use the tablet children can unlock it by reading a chapter from a book and then answer fun questions and writing exercises.


 The app is based om instant gratification and lets the child collect badges, write their own reviews and share their progress. It’s filled with some of Sweden’s most popular children’s books and is free to download on Google play. By developing the app we also gave Berättarministeriet a PR-tool to spark the debate on children’s reading habits, technology and screen time.


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